• Realizing an effective IoT strategy will provide a competitive advantage

    "I’ve heard about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how the technology can provide my organization with process efficiencies that were just not possible in the past.  I know our organization needs an IoT strategy but do not know where to begin."
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  • Are you not able to add             head count?

    "We spend so much time focusing on our IT problems instead of working on our bottom line. We need a partner who understands and can scale to our changing needs."

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  • Struggling with how to take advantage of Digital Transformation to gain a competitive advantage?

    Boost productivity, collaboration and communication – anywhere, any time, on any device!
    System One Digital’s comprehensive plan consistently yields employee adoption rates that are three times the national average.

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  • The current Coronavirus pandemic has created an imperative need for us to safeguard our business, ourselves and our employees.

    Our objective is to prevent people who have elevated body temperatures from entering a facility without having to go through a time-consuming, detailed inspection.

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  • Want to employ automation to solve the most challenging safety, quality and productivity problems?

    AI solutions offer no touch options and autonomous monitoring for improved health and safety.

    Trained models learn your processes and provide insights to improve quality and productivity!

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Enhance safety at your facility by using our custom Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions:
-Elevated Body Temperature (EBT)
-No Touch Screen
-Monitoring for PPE
-Work Zone Safety
-Prevention Visual Classification
-Autonomous Machine Safety Monitoring
-Autonomous Ergonomics Monitoring


Eliminate defects and rework by leveraging AI, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Predictive Analytics to solve your most challenging problems:
-Business Enterprise Dashboards (defects)
-Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
-What If App
-Predictive Analytics / Business Intelligence
-Visual Defect Classification
-Autonomous Product Quality Monitoring
-Internet of Things (IoT)


Managed Services
Increase efficiency, productivity and throughput by utilizing emerging technologies to gain a competitive advantage:
-Enterprise Dashboards (cycle time)
-Predictive Analytics / Business Intelligence
-Digital Transformation and Collaboration
-Managed Services



Featured Services

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
Employ automation to solve problems

Internet Of Things

Internet Of Things
Leverage data points to make your process more predictive

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics BI
Dive into Data

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation
Work anywhere, anytime on any device

Managed Services

Help Desk Building Support
Build flexibility into your process to scale as needs change.