Elevated Body Temperature (EBT)


Elevated Body Temperature (EBT)

The Coronavirus pandemic has created an imperative need for us to safeguard our business, ourselves and our employees. 

Whether a food processing company, a tractor manufacturer, retail, food service or other type of company, everyone relies on healthy workers for their business.

Our objective is to prevent people who have elevated body temperatures from entering a facility without having to go through a time-consuming, detailed inspection.

We combined facial recognition with a no touch thermal imaging camera to create a system that can be used at the entrance of a facility to instantly monitor incoming employees.

This no touch, no close contact monitoring is used to determine if anyone has an elevated body temperature, and if so, alert them for further screening.

The system minimizes the wait time and keeps the incoming employees moving, while helping to reduce the possibility of contaminating other employees who may not be aware that someone could be infected. 

Find out how System One Digital can help YOUR FACILITY screen and identify individuals that should be pulled off to the side for more in-depth screening.