Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

So many of us have disjointed data sets which make it DIFFICULT TO VISUALIZE WHAT THE DATA IS TELLING US when we create and view reports. 

Sure, we can create dashboards by using tools with which we are already familiar.

There’s nothing wrong with the Excel we know and love.


when we leverage tools like POWER BI and the ADVANCED REPORTING FEATURES inside Excel, we gain additional insights.

It’s like putting on Virtual Reality (VR) glasses for the first time. It opens up a whole new world of insight!


Find out how System One Digital can help you gain insights through visualizing your data and creating meaningful dashboards and reports.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Leading organizations are being guided by data.

Understanding what is happening and why it is happening allows businesses

to decide on the direction they are headed and what opportunities are best for them.

System One has extensive experience in BI systems within large organizations.


Having the ability to analyze data from disparate data sources allows business to be more selective in the decisions they are making.

Data can come from the manufacturing plant floor, financial data from SAP, data on Office 365 Teams sites, or virtually any data source.

System One trains organizations on how to:

1) Gather data

2) Process that data

3) Store the data for in-depth analytics

A BI Success Story:

One of the most recognized solutions we provide is the Plant Ranking Dashboard.

This is where all the facilities in an organization are stacked side by side and can be analyzed.

This shows efficiencies, downtime, labor costs and potential issues.

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