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The Digital Transformation Journey

The Digital Transformation Journey
Digital Transformation for most of us is a term that we have heard before, but probably do not really understand or why it is so important for our business. Over the course of this article, System One Digital will share real world examples that will help demystify what Digital Transformation means and where you can start on your journey.

Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device!

Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device!
Commonly in the past we would have done our work on a laptop and saved all our files on our hard drive. But there is a big problem with this methodology. What happens when a computer is lost, broken, or even stolen? In the past that meant our end user would be down.

Starting the Journey – Email Migration

Starting the Journey – Email Migration
Most organizations already have their own domain where all their users reside; however, not all of them are as aligned as they should be. To compound this, mergers and acquisitions can cause major complexities for IT departments. This was the case for one of our government agency customers.

The User

The user experience is very important in Digital Transformation. System One assembled an Expo that would show end users the new technology as well as ask questions, socialize, and eat cookies. While the user is walking around the Expo, their computer is being backed up and migrated to their new asset.

At The

System One developed and provided a comprehensive guide on how to engage the end user to embrace new software and systems. We created a welcoming and engaging experience that resulted in users coming back to try the software simply because it is easier and faster for them. Now they even have Yammer, which can make it fun!

User Adoption
Simulation App

Since the user adoption was 3 times the national average for System One’s Digital Transformation to Office 365, we wanted to understand why, so we can sustain that level. The main reason was that we took the time to sit down with each user. By taking the time to understand and work through the client’s problems, we were able to not only help them understand the tools, but also show them how to save time using them.

The Floor Walker

After the Expo, and once users have had a chance to test the new hardware and software, they have the opportunity at any time to wave down a System One Office 365 Floorwalker. This way there is an expert available to answer any questions the clients might have. The Floorwalkers are around to troubleshoot any technical issues that people may be experiencing.

Cost Savings

Once migrated to the new tools, users took advantage of Office 365’s version control, back up data, co-edit, workflows and availability in the cloud and saved themselves immense amounts of time.