The Digital Transformation Journey


The Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Transformation for most of us is a term that we have heard before, but probably do not really understand or why it is so important for our business. Over the course of this article, System One Digital will share real world examples that will help demystify what Digital Transformation means and where you can start on your journey.

Quotes from organizations prior to being Digitally Transformed:

“I was at the airport yesterday and I set my laptop on top of the taxi before I climbed in. I forgot about it until I heard a bus behind us run over it. Now I have none of my data!”

“I got to my meeting and realized my laptop was at home and my presentation was on it.”

“I thought I was working on the latest version, but it turns out we are all working on our own version. Now someone will have to consolidate the documents, or we’ll have to redo it.”

During the Digital Transformation, System One Digital experts begin by interviewing the client to determine the most optimal approach. This includes mapping out the design of an effective and efficient architecture. Implementation consists of a seamless integration between migrating data to the environment and enlightening users on how to use the tools. With our advanced Organizational Change Management (OCM) process, we can bridge the gap between just having the tools and actually using them. Our proven adoption record is 3 times the national average, as verified by Microsoft. The solution provides a robust Office environment, easy to understand training, one collaborative platform, and tools that deliver! This solution lives in the cloud, providing access from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.