The Floor Walker


The Floor Walker

After the Expo, and once users have had a chance to test the new hardware and software, they have the opportunity at any time to wave down a System One Office 365 Floorwalker. This way there is an expert available to answer any questions the clients might have. The Floorwalkers are around to troubleshoot any technical issues that people may be experiencing. Floorwalkers also try to visit with all of the updated users so that they can check in with each user to make sure that they are not experiencing any technical issues.

To do all of this, the software was already preinstalled from System One’s Staging Warehouse. This is where we would prepare the PCs for the deployments. The PCs were then delivered to the Expo and deployment locations based on the scheduled dates. To obtain a software list for each user, System One ran a discovery program on all PCs. We analyzed the software list to identify work-related applications that were then certified. For any software that was licensed, System One would contact the users to validate the software is still in use. In many of these cases, we were able to reclaim licenses that we could reallocate to other users.

When the Expo was over, the user signed off that all of their data was successfully migrated, network drivers mapped, network printers installed, software re-installed and functioning as expected. Being that this normally took less than an hour, users could schedule the appointment over lunch. This helped keep employees from missing any work time. And if they did have any issues, they could call the Support Desk or flag down one of the System One Office Specialists or Floorwalkers.

Floorwalkers helped clients with all the new tools that were deployed and showed them how they can be used to improve efficiency. It was common practice for Floorwalkers to track down and speak to everyone that obtained a new PC to make sure everyone was comfortable and had no unanswered questions or concerns. A few days later, System One would then follow up by sending a survey to see how the experience was going for the users, welcoming their feedback. This way we were able to make any needed process adjustments.

Digital Transformation for these organizations was framed around Digital Enlightenment. This provided users with an understanding of why they should be using the new technology, how to use it, how to get help, and how to get training. Microsoft boasts about the fact that System One’s adoption rate when doing these Expos is 3 times the national average!