Starting the Journey – Email Migration:


Starting the Journey – Email Migration

Most organizations already have their own domain where all their users reside; however, not all of them are as aligned as they should be. To compound this, mergers and acquisitions can cause major complexities for IT departments. This was the case for one of our government agency customers.

The customer needed more space after an acquisition and had to relocate office space. This created a need for two different domains to reside on the same platform. This journey began when they moved into that new building that they needed. System One was able to help them set up the WAN and Firewall, while also getting their domain up and running. The emails were then saved and sent up to Email in the cloud where they were able to connect to their new email on their new domain. All users had new email addresses created, could still access all their old emails and were able to leverage the cloud services. It was the best of both worlds!

There was a pilot and cut over plan in place to validate emails and verify that users were functioning and tested. This means that when we switched users over to the cloud, they were able to access all old and new addresses and emails, while getting all the great tools. The next step was to update the users’ Email to make sure it was pointing at the correct server after everything was moved to the cloud. We were able to schedule the cutover and complete the migration with virtually no disruption to the end users!